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Check those Orange Book patent submissions before and after listing!

I would like to once again emphasize the need to confirm the correctness of any new patent listings in the Orange Book once they have appeared. In the Supplement 8 data a new patent was listed for an injectable drug packaged as a freeze dried powder in a vial. What drew my attention was the title of the patent:  "Method and device for plasma-treating hollow bodies.”  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??? When I looked at the patent it turned out that the “plasma” was not blood plasma, but was instead an electrically generated plasma. The patent covered a device for sterilizing vials and syringes!  Not really eligible subject matter for listing the patent in the Orange Book since it did not claim a drug or a method of using a drug. It just claimed the sterilization device. Fast forward to Supplement 9. As usual, I read through the “What’s New” page of the Orange Book Companion ® to see the changes from Supplement 8. That is when I noticed that the sterilization device patent was descri