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"What's New" Giveaway Announcement

Orange Book Insights No. 28:  I recently thought of a new way to introduce users of the FDA’s “Orange Book” to my enhanced alternative, the Orange Book Companion ® (“OBC”) . I am doing this by giving something away for free. This is something that everyone who is interested in Orange Book patent and exclusivity information will be able to access, and I intend to continue providing this free information at least through 2022. So, what am I giving away? It is the  OBC ’s monthly “ What’s New ” file, currently based, a s of the Jan. 15, 2022 publication of this blog posting,  on Volume 41, Supplement No. 12 of the  FDA’s monthly PDF Orange Book  Cumulative Supplement . Each month the OBC' s " What's New " will change  as the FDA publishes their monthly Cumulative Supplements . The OBC 's  What’s New  file is a highly enhanced alternative to the “ Patent And Exclusivity Drug Product List ” found in each FDA monthly Cumulative Supplement .   Until now the  OBC ’s month