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Orange Book V43, Supp. 1 news

  Happy Orange Book New Year! Volume 43, Supp. 1 added 41 new patents to the FDA’s Orange Book. That includes three new patents for the current patent listing champ, AUVELITY® which now has 103 patents listed. You can see all of the changes to the Orange Book that occurred in Vol. 43/Supp. 1 by going to the Orange Book Companion® public home page and clicking on the prominent “What’s New” link.  If are a gluten for punishment, can also see all 103 AUVELITY patents by clicking the sample link for trademarks that begin with "A" and then scrolling down to AUVELITY. A device for making a drug does not claim the drug, itself Three particularly interesting patents were listed in the Orange Book as part of Volume 43/Supplement 1. All three patents claim devices for making the approved drug. They do not claim the approved drug, itself, or a method of using the approved drug. Yet all three were listed as “drug product” patents.  In each case, the approved product is a gas that is con