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A New Dosage Form in the Orange Book & New Patents in the Purple Book

New Dosage Form in the Orange Book   One day in mid-August of the year I turned sixteen I came down with what I thought was the worst cold that I had caught in many years. I had a constant runny nose for two weeks straight. That was accompanied by itchy throat and eyes. Finally, after two weeks of this suffering I went to a doctor. After I described this bad cold to him, he asked me if I ever had pollen allergies. When I told him “no” he answered, “well you have them now”!   That started me on a lifetime of allergy treatments that continue to this day. I did not need corrective lenses for many years. However, when I finally needed them I felt that I should not risk using contact lenses due to itchy eyes during allergy season for which eye drops and oral antihistamines were of limited help.   Now the FDA has approved a new type of contact lens on February 25. 2022 that could have “let me have my cake and eat it, too”! It is Johnson & Johnson’s  Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen  con