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"Raising Arizona" as a metaphor for a disappearing extended Orange Book patent

In the movie "Raising Arizona" a female ex-cop and her ex-con boyfriend conspire to kidnap a baby from a couple that recently had quintuplets. Their rationale was that, with so many babies in the house to take care of, the parents wouldn't notice that one was missing! While the plot of "Raising Arizona" was absurd, you might also think that an NDA holder would notice when one of its Orange Book-listed patents went missing, right? Well, maybe not if the product had six strengths, each with eight patents listed, and the patent disappeared from the listings of only one of those six strengths. That is exactly what appears to have happened to a Takeda drug called Oseni ®  (alogliptin benzoate/pioglitazone HCl). Patent 6,329,404 was originally listed in the February 2013 supplement of the Orange Book along with sixteen other patents for all six strengths of OSENI following the drug's approval in January 2013. On June 15, 2016 the '404 patent received