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A New Patent Listing Champion!

First, if you haven’t seen it yet, the USPTO has replaced their old patent search interface of  “Quick Search”, “Advanced Search” and “Patent Number Search” with a new system called Patent Public Search (“PPS)”. The former “Quick Search” is no longer available where you could use a dropdown to select sections of patents to search (such as the ever popular “Claims”). For patent number searching in PPS, just type the patent numbers (each separated by a space) in the search field and click the “PN” button. Other searches are similar to the old Advanced Search, except that you may have a whole new set of codes to learn. One problem for Mac users is that PPS does not work with Apple’s Safari browser. So Mac users will need to install Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This change at the USPTO broke the patent number links in my Orange Book Companion ® (“OBC”). I had barely gotten off my flight to Phoenix to visit family on October 1 when I discovered that none of the patent number links in