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Purple Book Companion™ (beta) Announcement

In a January, 2021 Orange Book Insights posting , I reported that the Purple Book for biologic products might soon start including patents. Based upon that news, I was looking forward to creating an enhanced way to look at biologics patents in the same way that my Orange Book Companion ® gives users an enhanced way of looking at Orange Book patents.  So I am now happy to announce the availability of a beta version of my Purple Book Companion ™ (“ PBC ”)! Since this is a beta, it is free for everyone to use. So please take advantage of this offer, and please send any comments, questions, or suggestions that you might have to the email address found on the PBC homepage. Since Purple Book patent listings are fairly new, and were only required on a prospective basis, there are not a lot of such listings. In fact, there are only four products for which patents have been submitted to the FDA: * Avastin® (from Genentech): 22 patents * Humira® (from Abbvie): 65 patents * Lucentis® (from Genen